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Business Process Automation

Business Process Automation

We Specialize In End To End Business Process Automation on Zoho Creator

Why Zoho Creator?

Fast & Flexible

Possibility Of Writing Code

The possibility of writing code in a fullstack language makes it flexible to create and integrate out of the box solutions.

Low Code & Powerful RAD Tools

Flexibility at the same time power to automate any kind of business processes due to its Lowcode & Powerful RAD Tools => Fastly delivery

Fast & Flexible

Multiple Trigger Points

Multiple Trigger points on forms, schedule & reports which give proper control.

Deluge Language

We can implement any kind of workflow with the help of Deluge language flexibility and limitless capability.

Zoho tools and their Integrations

Zoho Tools We Support


Integrations we provide

Creator + crm / inventory / books

Creator + crm / inventory / books is needed when most of your requirement is fulfilled by the legacy apps but some custom functionality is needed which really scratch your back, that is where creator comes in, it performs the custom processing and push backs the data into other Zoho apps like crm, inventory , books & more.

Creator + Cliq

Creator + Cliq is awesome, practically you can use the major crm functionality by just chatting with a bot in cliq, that’s very natural when you interact regarding work with your colleague on cliq.

Some Custom ERP Apps We Created on Zoho Stack




Management App


Management System



Field Service



Management CRM



Traditional CRM


Automate your business yourself
using this powerful low-code platform

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Hybrid app development

Using JS SDK

We use the power of javascript in Zoho using the javascript SDK provided for Zoho creator and Zoho CRM, the possibilities are endless.

Using Mobile SDK

You want a mobile app for your business, You want to use the Zoho Creator database, and all the modules but want your own custom UI, and some custom native mobile functionality too on the top, that is when we use the Zoho creator Mobile SDK to create a custom native app with your own UX, Look & feel, and render the same central data which you have in creator.

Using Rest API

We have used creator as a backend and rendered the data over a custom Web & Mobile app over Rest API, Unlockr & Incquet portal are few of the examples

Some custom Hybrid Stack Apps we created

Unlockr - Creator Backed Mobile App for Real-estate channel partners

A Custom Portal Mobile App using android/ios on frontend & Zoho Creator database in backend served via rest api to connect channel partners with Mumbais Real-estate ecosystem.

IQ Chat - Real Time Chat

Realtime Chat for Zoho Creator & Zoho CRM using the javascript sdk provided by Zoho creator, Zoho crm, we provided the convenience for Zoho users to chat & interact with their lead /contact and any outside user data store in their CRM on realtime basis.

Incquet Portal - Custom Portal Web App

Custom Portal web app using vuejs stack in the forntend giving a whole new custom UI to the clients & developers of Incquet, which are accessing the data stored in the creator application, via a middleware built on zoho catalyst.

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